Get Backup Power

Why Should I Have a Generator?

A backup generator will give you peace of mind while providing security against weather related outages. A generator allows key appliances and devices such as lights, heat, A/C, refrigeration, sump pumps, computers, and entertainment systems to continue working.

Some home security systems will not function during power outages.

Protect your business. If you have a home based business or a public location how important is it for you to have uninterrupted power? Can you afford to lose time, sales, and income because of an untimely loss of power?

More than ever we depend on our electrical systems. The rising cost of gas forces us to spend more time in the comfort of our home.

Why spend it in the dark?

Traditional portable generators come with some disadvantages. Consider the advantages of a Generac automatic standby generator.

It works to guard your life whether you’re at home or not when the power goes down.

Standby units run on natural gas or propane, so you don’t have to worry about storing fuel.

You won’t have to rely on a portable unit that may or may not start in an emergency.

24/7 hands free automatic operation means you won’t have to struggle to move around those cumbersome units.

You won’t have to worry about plugs and extension cords that have to be pulled through doors and windows.

No need to worry if your local gas station has power or not.

Why Choose JM General Maintenance Services?

We are a factory authorized sales and service dealer serving greater Pittsburgh and surrounding communities. We will install your generator for you but can also help if you choose to have someone else do the work. Call us for all your certified warranty repair work.

You need to know that the work is done right by proven professionals. We have 25 years of construction, building maintenance, and repair experience. We’ve been installing generators for years to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Let past clients speak for my company. Read their testimonials for yourself. Our customers are our best advertising source.

How much is your security and peace of mind worth? Call us today for a free in home / business evaluation. We will be happy to provide a quote.

We offer the following equipment:

  • Light commercial and residential air cooled and liquid cooled units from 7KW to 150KW.
  • Portable generators (1800-17500 watt) and accessories also available.
  • RV generators, inverters (800-2000 Watt).
  • Service contracts available upon request.